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Xdcc batch

Xdcc batch

Name: Xdcc batch

File size: 311mb

Language: English

Rating: 1/10



/msg [botname] XDCC LIST -- List all available packs on the bot. /msg [ botname] XDCC BATCH [a]-[b] -- Request packs with numbers a to b. /MSG mybot XDCC BATCH group password. Request a download of a series of packs matching group on the bot mybot. /MSG mybot XDCC BATCH group*. How do I download off of XDCC bots?[edit]. XDCC bots work using PMs (private messages) sent to the bot with a request for a particular pack number.

The BATCH command works just like send except you need to enter a range of packs (/msg botname xdcc batch ), do not use the pound "#" symbol. The bot . Skins. dark dark-expanded light pink light pink-expanded rain rain-expanded. Bots. Ginpachi-Sensei CR-RALEIGH|NEW CR-HOLLAND|NEW CR-BATCH| p. Use the xdcc batch command rather than the xdcc send command and it will send you all the files you select, usually one by one. If you want a.

XDCC is a computer file sharing method which uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC ) network as a XDCC was developed to allow batching of files together, and requesting/sending those files to others. XDCC was initially a script written in Beast-XDCC (irc:// These 3 will have most of what . /msg botname xdcc batch #,#,#. /msg botname xdcc send #. Examples: /xdcc -add Jollo in his native habitat:) /xdcc -add %nick XDCC %_batch%_ # request multiple files /ctcp %nick XDCC.


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